“In the early 21st century there would be almost 300 million guns in American homes we are the most heavily armed nation in the world but any nation who goes to an extreme degree to protect itself, it is inevitable that that protection will never seem psychologically to be enough. It is also often that our image of the enemy will grow proportionate to the size of the defense resulting in an over action and an accelerated spending of energies in a futile attempt to liquidate that fear that never seems to erode. Fear and uncertainty are to inescapable elements in all human life since the beginning of time they are to be accepted as one accepts birth and death. It was Alexander the Great who reportedly addressed the notion that “If you can conquer your fear, you can conquer death.”  In concurring with and containing our fear and uncertainty we become naturally stronger. The irony of life personal and public, is often with the changing of time the object of fear. The enemy becomes to the surprise of former enemies, a friend often a best friend, an ally.”


“At the source of all our mistakes is fear.”

Oliver Stone, The Untold History of The United States