1. You are busy because you are running from something.
  2. You believe busyness equals business or success as opposed to executing your talent.
  3. You are busy because maybe you don’t really know who you are.



  • The difference between talent and a gift?

A gift is our inherent ability to move the needle for somebody else, to make an impact in somebody else’s life.

  • Have you ever thought about letting go of what you don’t want and what doesn’t serve you?

You can let go of what you don’t want and you began to dream of what you do want for your life.

You can walk through this earth and execute your talents every single day and you can get the results but if you don’t find the space to execute it or let your unique gift shine, whatever your unique lens of your gift is. I do believe it comes at a price on two elements:

  1. Your soul doesn’t shine.
  2. People don’t get to see the best parts of you.



Philip McKernan, from the Podcast