Key Notes:

(Tony Robbins Ted Talk in Monterey, California)

What makes the difference in the qualities of people’s lives?

2 Master Lessons:

  1. The science of achievement: How do you take the invisible and make it visible? How do you take what you are dreaming of and make it happen?
  2. The art of fulfillment: it is about appreciation and contribution.

What is it that shapes us?

We live in a therapy culture, the mindset that we are our past. Most of society thinks biography is destiny. The past equals the future and of course it does if you live there.

Decision is the ultimate power.

Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the “invisible forces” that shape us.

Q: When people fail to achieve their goals…what are the reasons they give?

A: Time, Money, Technology, Managers, etc.

All of these have in common that they are a claim to you missing resources which may be accurate but that is not the defining factor. The defining factor is never resources it is resourcefulness. If you have emotion, the right emotion we can get ourselves to do anything, we can get through to anyone. But this is not the story people tell us.

  1. What am I going to focus on?
    1. Self or Others.
  2. What does it mean?
    1. Meaning produces emotion.
    2. Emotion creates action.
  3. What are you going to do?
    1. Are you going to give up or move forward?

2 two primary patterns: The invisible forces that shape us

  1. In this moment: Our “state”
    1. Physical/emotional
  2. Long-term
    1. Our model of the world/ world view.

6 human needs:

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Connection/ love.
    1. Most people settle for connection because love is to scary.
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution