How am I supposed to believe my life has any value when to society I am a case number, a social security number, a consumer, a credit score, a medical record number, an employee ID number, a student ID number, a policy number, where exactly am I in all of this? Where exactly is my significance more than the last few dollars I had once worked so hard to save up? I’m so sorry I asked for medical help if only I had known years later I’d still be paying for it. But for my future to have any financial security to look forward too is of no significance. Whether or not I will be able to have any money for a family is out of the question. I will be in these chains as I set off to another 40 hour work week and hear how I bound myself. Tell me how I can get out of this when even with a steady paycheck I am always in the same position, not moving forward, holding on tight to not move backward and staying constantly stagnant. Funny thing is is that I do not even care about this arbitrary piece of cotton stock fiber paper that exists solely because of the continuous imagined order, but I am forced to care because everyone else does. How do I get free from this?